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Meal Formulas to End Short-Order Cooking

Resign from your job as a short-order cook, and expose your kids to a lot more healthy foods

According to psychologists, it’s perfectly normal for kids to go through a picky eating stage. One of the most common suggestions is to present children with several options at the dinner table, so that they feel like they have some control over their eating decisions.

Does that mean you should cook four separate meals every night? Gosh, no! That sounds pretty impossible for even the most avid cooks, let alone busy parents.

One way to provide your child with options without spending your entire day cooking is to create meals with a “buffet” of options that allow both adults and children to “personalize” their meals. Some formulas that allow for easy customization are fried rice, omelets, pastas, pizzas, salads, and taco / pita pockets.

I created this eBook to walk you through how you can use these meal templates to provide variety without spending all of your time cooking because we know no parent has time for that! I’ve got you and am so committed to helping you raise happy, healthy eaters while helping you keep your sanity because as a mom of 3, I know that’s also in short supply!

"Cook Smarts resources are so beautifully designed and so helpful." -JULIANA C.

Claim back more time & raise healthier kids

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Guide to End Short Order Cooking

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